Premium Binchotan Charcoal - 10kg


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The Best Spit Roast Charcoal Melbourne Has To Offer

Cook with genuine Betsy The BBQ Premium Binchotan Charcoal to get the best results for any bbq meat, seafood or poultry. Use a "Dizzy Lamb Spit" and experience the convenience and tradition of a Mediterranean spit as you cook tasty cuts of lamb, beef, pork and whole chickens.

High Heat & Longer Burn Times

Binchotan Charcoal maintains extremely high heat and burns longer than most other charcoals making it perfect for all cooking types even Low and Slow!


Binchotan Charcoal burns clean giving you full control of your flavour profiles. Let the your skill and the quality of your produce speak for themselves!


Binchotan Charcoal is extremely dense. Don't throw out the leftovers after a cook. Set them aside and relight them the next time you need them. You can do this over and over again until its all burnt up & with an ash content of less than 2% it will burn up to almost nothing!


How do you light Binchotan Charcoal?

Binchotan Charcoal can be a little harder to light but once it's going you'll be amazed by its performance. We've found that firelighters on their own. Our best results have come from using a charcoal chimney and putting a couple of small pieces of kindling in the bottom. The fire lighters will get the kindling going and the kindling will light your Binchotan. 

How long does Binchotan Charcoal burn for?

Binchotan Charcoal burns for ages and while conditions and bbq's vary we've had 4.5 hours out of 1kg of charcoal in a pizza oven. We've also had 17 hours from 3.5 kg's of Binchotan but this was done over 4 separate cooks reusing the same charcoal 4 times. the original cook was a Brisket done over 10 hours. 

As well as traditional Hibachi style cooking we have now tested Binchotan in bullet smokers, pit barrels, spits, pizza ovens & Kettle's. Its cook times have blown us away every single time!

Why does Binchotan Charcoal cost so much more than regular charcoals?Why does Binchotan Charcoal cost so much more than regular charcoals?

Making Binchotan Charcoal is a tricky process, it takes nearly 30 days from raw hard wood to end product. The best quality grades are also highly sought after all over Asia. In some parts of the world the quality of the charcoal is just as if not more important than the actual produce you are cooking and this is definitely the case with Binchotan Charcoal.

Binchotan is the choice charcoal for your Hibachi grill.

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