Portable BBQ Rotisserie with Red Lid


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Portable BBQ Rotisserie with Red Lid

The Portable BBQ Charcoal Mini Spit Rotisserie With Lid is a great way to start cooking your own barbecues, and the affordable price means that it's not a huge investment.

- The size of this barbecue makes it very portable indeed, and a weight of around 15kgs means that you can pick it up and take it anywhere, anytime. A handle on the front of the unit also allows you to carry it around easily.
- This barbecue includes two height adjustable brackets, so you can raise and lower your meat to suit your needs.
- This model comes with a lid, which means you can use it as a windshield while cooking, and also have it closed when your barbecue is not in use.
- This size of this barbecue has the additional benefit of being able to be stored easily, not taking up a lot of space in storage.
- A strong construction using high-quality steel means that this barbecue is built to last.
- The motor included with this barbecue has a 4kg capacity, allowing you to cook your barbecue quickly and easily. The motor spins at 2RPM so it will cook your meat evenly, and runs on 2 D Size batteries.
- The rotisserie kit included with this barbecue includes a large stainless steel rod and two large prong forks. The handle is plastic, so you can handle the rod while there is heat on the barbecue.

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