B&B Hickory Smoking Wood Chunks (549cu.in/3.1kg) - C00129-B

B&B Hickory Smoking Wood Chunks (549cu.in/3.1kg) - C00129-B


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B&B Hickory Smoking Wood Chunks (549cu.in/3.1kg) - C00129-B

Hickory is the most versatile wood, often referred to as the King of cooking woods. It offers a strong, savoury smoke that is hearty with its rich flavour profile. Mix with light fruit wood like cherry or peach wood to add a slight sweetness to your cooking.


The Wet Chunk Approach

For that moist and flavorful smoke, soak wood chunks in water for at least 30 min. Drain chunks, and place 3 to 4 pieces directly over the hottest part of your cooker or directly onto hot coals. Move lit wood chunks to edges as needed to create smouldering.

The Dry Chunk Approach

For a steady slow-release smoke, try the dry chunk method of placing 3 to 4 pieces directly onto the fire or heat source. Allow the wood chunk to ignite, then using tongs move them to the edges as needed, allowing the wood chunks to smoulder without flaming up.

- Experiment with Soaking your chunks/chips in a beer, wine, or fruit juice instead of water to give your flavours more complexity.
- Dont open your cooker! The flavour is in the smoke so you want to keep as much smoke as possible sealed in to help flavor your food.
- A water bottle on hand is a great way to control flare-ups and add moisture to your food while cooking.

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