Cyprus Grill Soulva 240V/12V Wireless Rechargeable Variable Speed Battery Cordless Rotisserie BBQ motor


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Cyprus Grill 240V/12V Wireless Rechargeable Variable Speed Battery motor - RRGMTR

This battery-operated motor is fitted with a 7mm shaft drive to suit Cyprus Grills. It can handle up to 18kg of souvlaki meat, vegetables or anything else you can fit on your skewers. This heavy-duty, heat-resistant motor also comes equipped with a digital power display, so you will always know your battery capacity. Its variable speed capabilities allow you to adjust rotational speed on the fly using the dial. This helps prevent flare-ups and enables you to retain the juices and flavour of your souvla while it cooks.

This is a Rechargeable barbecue rotisserie motor with variable speed control It is durable, wear-resistant, and has good heat insulation and low noise, which is perfect for Cyprus grill BBQs. Small and compact, simply charge up the battery and your cooking without power cables or leads connected.