Daniel Boone CHOICE Non-WiFi Pellet Grill, Black Hood


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Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone CHOICE Non-WiFi Pellet Grill
Black Hood

For 11 years, GMG’s Choice product line has stood the test of time. We’ve constantly refined and improved it so that you can now own a high-tech, industry-leading pellet grill for a modest price.

Pellet Grill Components:
- The Pellet Hopper is designed to hold 17 lbs of pellets and feed pellets into the auger. The sloped design makes sure pellets are fed properly into the mouth of the auger.
- The GMG digital controller has a temperature range of 150-500° F in 5° increments and 150-550'F on the Davy Crockett. Every digital controller comes standard with a meat probe for instant food readings inside your grill.
- The PT100 Platinum resistance temperature sensor is standard in every unit.
- The GMG auger system is built with a high RPM motor and designed with optimal torque in mind for a smooth and consistent feed of wood onto the fire.
- Pellets are fed into the Firebox where a hot rod automatically ignites the pellets, and a combustion fan keeps them burning.
- Our grease bucket is all stainless steel.

Smart Control:
- WiFi Mode: Connect to your grill through your local home WiFi Network.
- Server Mode: Connect to your grill remotely through the GMG Server Mode to control and monitor your grill on the go.
- Control & Monitor: Increase or decrease internal grill temps and monitor food temps through your food probe.
- Custom Cooking Profile: Create and manage fully programable cooking profiles.
- Food Timer: Set a food timer in the app and receive a notification when done to help manage your cook time.
- Power Control: Control the power to your grill.

- 110 Voltage
- 40W start/60W cont.
- 70.31 kg
- 458 sq in. Cooking Area
- Auger Motor: RPM 4.7~5.2
- Fan Motor RPM: 0.45A; 4100 RPM
- Grease Tray: 12 Gauge Steel
- Lid: 13 Gauge Steel
- SS Lid: 14 Gauge Steel
- Body: 14 Gauge Steel
- Igniter: 110V; 240W
- Igniter (Hot Rod) Diameter: .625 in.
- Height of Cooking Surface to Lid: 13.5 in. clearance
- Hopper Capacity (LBS of pellets): 7.71 kg

129.54cm Height | 142.24cm Width | 60.96cm Depth

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