Gasmate - Pizza Cooker Heavy Duty Cover


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Gasmate - Pizza Cooker Heavy Duty Cover

The Gasmate Pizza Cooker Heavy Duty Cover is a high-quality and large cover that is designed to be used on the Gasmate Pizza cooker when it isn't in use. This cover comes with a heavy-duty polyester material construction with PVC backing which allows for a secure fit that can withstand changes in weather conditions. Ideal for protecting the pizza cooker from damage, this heavy-duty cover is able to offer easy installation and take off with its easy-to-fold design.

Model: BC1D
Size: Suits all Gasmate Pizza Ovens & most on the market
Material: Heavy duty polyester with a PVC backing
Radius starts: 420mm
Chimney Height: 260mm

Width: 600mm
Length: 600mm
Height: 560mm


Heavy duty polyester with PVC backing
Keeps Pizza Oven clean and protected from the elements
Drawstring to secure the base
Use with the Gasmate Pizza Cooker
12 months warranty
Model No: BC1D

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