Gasmate - Stellar Black Pyramid Flame Heater


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Gasmate - Stellar Black Pyramid Flame Heater

This Gasmate Stellar Black Pyramid Flame Heater is both stylish and functional. Able to keep you warm and compliment any outdoor décor, it’s an all-around winner. Portable thanks to its set of wheels, and offering a wide-reaching heat distribution, keep warm even in the cooler months with this practical Gasmate heater. Designed and approved for outdoor use only. Ideal for alfresco areas and patios.

1 x Gasmate Stellar Black Pyramid Flame Heater


Functional Design: Stylish design boasting a powder-coated finish
Heat Output: Adjustable heat output, with the maximum output being 33MJ/h
Ignition Type: Push button electronic ignition for stress-free lighting
Areas Of Use: Perfect for use on verandas, alfresco areas, and patios
Outdoor Use: Designed and approved for outdoor use only.
Oxygen Depletion System: This safety system switches off the heater when low oxygen levels are detected
Flame Failure System: Turns of gas supply if the flame goes out
Safety Feature: Safety ‘tip-over’ switch that stops gas supply to the heater in the case of an accidental knock-over
Hose & Regulator: Included for convenience
Gas Certification: Gas certified to Australian standards
Benefits: Offers cost-effective, comfortable heating. Provides heating within a 2.5m radius.


Brand:  Gasmate
Model Number:  FH2000DS
Type Of Gas: Propane
Consumption: Maximum output of 33 MJ/h
Operation: 14 hours per 9Kg propane cylinder
Ignition Type: Piezo
Burner Type: Ceramic
Operating Pressure: 2.75 kPA
Injector Size: 1.6 mm
Weight: 22kg
Minimum Clearance (To Combustible Materials – With Heat Deflector Fitted): Side: 500mm Above: 500mm
Assembly: Required
Gas Bottle: Not included

Width: 500mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 1930mm

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