Stainless Grill - Cyprus Grill 66cm x 30cm


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Stainless BBQ Grill - Cyprus Grill

  • 66cm x 30cm
  • Suits all Cyprus Grill BBQ's (with triangular gear set)

The stainless steel raised grill is a quality outdoor BBQ grilling plating that is able to offer long term use in some of the most demanding cooking setups to deliver mouth-watering meals each and every time, this grill plate is able to offer high stability and strength in a number of locations where it is able to offer easy cooking of sausages, steak, mushrooms, burgers, fish, and other smaller food.

Featuring an adjustable cooking height, this grill barbecue grill plate is designed to sit on the Cyprus Grill 3 Skewer Gear Set, and is able to offer easy cleaning after each use.  This raised grill is able to offer high heat and flame resistance without it succumbing to buckling or weakness.  Featuring an easy to clean design, this outdoor grilling plate is able to promote an easy clean before and after so that it is ready for the next cooking session.

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