Outdoor Magic - Flaming Magic Pack 30gm


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Outdoor Magic - Flaming Magic Pack 30gm

Throw 1,2 or 3 sachets of Flaming Magic sachets into any wood-burning fire. Enjoy the colours that Flaming Magic will produce. 3 sachets will give the best results. Add more sachets as colourful flames disappear. 3 x 30g sachets should last approx 30 minutes plus. A single pouch provides a rainbow of colours, including dark & light blues, purple, red, green and yellow. Use on Camp Fires, Backyard Fire Pits, Indoor Fireplaces, For All Wood Burning Fireplaces.

- Enhances the flames with multi colours in campfires & firepits.
- Produces vibrant, rainbow-coloured flames including red, blue, yellow & green.
- Toss 1 to 3 unopened sachets onto the highpoint at the centre of the fire.
- The number of sachets needed & the time the colours are visible, will depend on the size & intensity of the fire.
- Very relaxing & pretty.


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