Phoenix Kamado Smoker 22inch


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Phoenix Kamado Smoker 22inch

The Phoenix Kamado Smoker is extremely versatile. Due to their excellent heat retention, temperatures can be achieved and maintained over long periods of time. The cast iron venting system allows for precise control over the temperature during the cooking process. This allows for a vast cooking range such as fast cooks at a high temperature (Eg. Burgers/Sausages) or slow cooking at a lower temperature (Eg. Pulled Pork/Beef Ribs).

The quality ceramic cooking chamber retains heat evenly and locks in moisture and flavour. Adding wood chunks, wood chips or herbs can enhance your food with even more flavour.


- Main Body Diameter 22inch / 56cm
- Cooking Grid Diameter 48.5cm
- Assembled Dimensions (Including Trolley) 128cm x 73cm x 128cm
- Total Weight 95KG


- 22inch Phoenix Kamado Smoker
- Heavy Duty Trolley Stand
- Heat Deflector
- Ash Remover
- Grill Gripper
- Rain Cover

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