Primo Extension Rack for XL 400 - PG00332


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Primo Extension Rack for XL 400

Unlock boundless culinary possibilities by seamlessly incorporating up to two stainless steel extension racks into your cooking arsenal. These ingenious accessories offer a substantial increase in your cooking area, providing you with the freedom to prepare larger quantities of delectable dishes with ease.

With the addition of a single extension rack, you'll instantly expand your cooking space by over 30%, allowing you to effortlessly accommodate more ingredients, cuts of meat, or sides. Imagine the convenience of having ample room to cook for a larger gathering or indulge in your culinary experiments without limitations.

But wait, there's more! Should you desire an even greater expansion of your cooking area, simply incorporate a second extension rack. This dynamic duo of stainless steel extension racks combines forces to deliver an impressive boost of over 60% more cooking space. Embrace the possibilities as you explore a realm of culinary creativity without boundaries, effortlessly juggling multiple dishes or executing elaborate recipes.

Whether you're grilling, smoking, or roasting, the addition of these extension racks enhances your cooking experience to new heights. Elevate your skills, embrace larger culinary ambitions, and impress your guests with the versatility and capacity afforded by our stainless steel extension racks. Say goodbye to constraints and welcome a world of limitless cooking potential.

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