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Our Excellent Spit Prongs and Accessories for Sale in Melbourne

While the food is naturally the main focus of any party, the fact is that you need stellar equipment and accessories to cook it with. If you already own a spit BBQ set, but need to repair it with new parts, then we can help you bring it back up to scratch. Dizzy Lamb have sold many types of top quality spit prongs and gyros plates to our customers, and we can do the same for you.

Useful equipment for your BBQ

All that succulent meat turning and cooking on our top quality gyros plates will ensure that your meat is being thoroughly cooked. These accessories are user friendly and ideal for cooking delicious gyros that have been a popular choice at parties across Melbourne for many years. So if your old gyros plate is no longer working or not holding the meat in as well as it should be, then you should browse through our new first rate options.

Our staff are experts on BBQ sets, and can help determine which gryos plate or spit prongs will suit your needs. We will not let you purchase accessories that will not work with your equipment, and will make sure your party and cooking are a success.

Our stainless steel BBQ prongs secure the meat and hold it in place while it keeps turning over the fire. Without these, your meat would spin freely and not cook as well as it should. These can be used for either charcoal or gas BBQ sets, and will cook all types of meats, including pork, chicken, lamb or beef.

Choose from our range of spit bars, BBQ prongs, gyros plates and other accessories below. You can use them to repair existing spit roasts, or to build your own custom BBQ. If you would like more information regarding our fantastic and useful products, feel free to call us at 1800 DIZZYLAMB.