Simple Tips And Tricks To Roast A Lamb On Spit Rotisserie

Have you tasted a lamb spit roast and love the idea of cooking juicy, succulent meat in your own home? Then we have the perfect equipment, the tips and tricks needed to get yourself set up and be ready for your next big get together.

Rotisserie cooking or more popularly called spit roasting, is a barbequing method that’s as old and historic as cooking meat over a fire. Spit roasting is a slow cooking method, which roasts the meat over a hot pit of charcoal or gas flames. The continuous rotation of the spit (long rod) cooks the meat evenly at the same temperature.

A lamb spit roast is one of the most popular rotisserie-cooked meat. What makes it so tasty and the go-to choice for people is its juicy, tender and moist meat. The rotisserie helps to sear the meat at a fast rate and locks its juices within.

Nowadays, you can buy this amazing grilling technology from the comfort of your home; just check out the many options of rotisseries online. Dizzy Lambs is the premier manufacturer and supplier of rotisseries online and also BBQ for hire in Melbourne.

Whether you are getting geared up to cook your first lamb spit roast or looking for some useful tips, you’ll find this article insightful.


Before you go shopping for the right cut of lamb and spices to rub, it is important to get the right equipment. You can find a wide range of rotisseries online – starting with a mini BBQ spit that can cook for 2-4 people, to a large rotisserie that can cook a whole lamb or suckling pig to get that WOW factor to your BBQ gathering. If you are unsure about the equipment, you can always try BBQ hire in Melbourne from Dizzy Lambs. It will help you get acquainted with the equipment, and then you can find your way around the many choices of rotisseries available online.

Most of the rotisseries available come with the whole accessories - motor, prongs, drip tray, grill, and spit bar. So all that you’ll need after is to get the meat of your choice, have your favourite spice mix rubbed all over, and get cooking your lamb spit roast at home.


Giving the spit the right amount of heat is crucial to the entire process of cooking your lamb spit roast. You wouldn’t want the heat to char the meat and make it inedible.

If the rotisserie is the traditional charcoal one, then ensure you cook the meat with medium heat and at a distance that allows the lamb to get cooked but not get too close. On the other hand, if you choose a gas grill, the flames need to be low, so you can avoid flare-ups and allow the slow cooking to happen from a safe distance. Using a drip pan is highly recommended.


Positioning the meat over the spit rod needs a bit of attention, so ensure that the meat is balanced and rotates evenly. The most appropriate positioning is in the middle of the spit rod. Rotisseries online also comes with a counterbalance to remove the hassle of balancing the spit road. Make sure to secure the meat and keep it fastened so it doesn’t flop around as the spit turns. It might cook different sections of the meat unevenly or might even burn.

Cooking Times

Since it’s a slow cooking process, you might guess the cooking times. However, it might result in either an undercooked or overcooked lamb spit roast. The air temperature, wind, humidity and the type of equipment all contribute to the cooking process. We suggest stopping the rotisseries about 15-20 mins before the recipe tie and check the heat inside the core meat with a thermometer. The internal temperature is a good marker for ensuring the meat has cooked to the right levels.

Lastly, we suggest not to dig into your lamb spit roast recipes immediately after taking it off the spit. It is highly recommended to let it rest a good 10-15 minutes, so all the juices get redistributed to make your lamb spit roast juicy and tender—the way you wished it to be.

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