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      Organising an event? Hire our spits for a great result at your next Spit Roast party!

      A spit roast is a terrific way to bring delicious, slow, evenly cooked meat to your guests, especially in Australia, where our warm climate is fantastic to host an evening event. A Dizzy Lamb Warrior Spit takes very little maintenance and can accommodate any size party. Your guests will excitedly anticipate the moment when juicy slices of roast pork, lamb, chicken, or beef are served. The memory of the perfectly prepared portions will create an exciting discussion topic for a long time afterwards, thanks to the aroma of burning charcoal and roasting meat over open heat. With Australia's restaurant scene being such a foodie's paradise, preparing a comparable tasty and imaginative meal at home might be tricky - but it's simple with a spit roast on board! We recommend placing corn, sweet potato, or potato wedges on the grill under the meat and flipping it occasionally so that all sides catch a natural baste from above and crisp equally around the sides for that ideal bite. Farmers' markets are popping up all around Australia on weekends, so you're sure to find the perfect sides for your event, together with your meat preference, your party will be a hit for everyone. Hire spit roasts from us the next time you want to impress your friends and achieve that ideal party anytime, anywhere!

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