Simple Tips to Make Smoking Recipes Healthier

The smoking of lamb spit roast, fish and other poultry items is considered as one of the most common and popular cooking methods. The smoking of meat is among the very first food preparation techniques where the food is cooked over a fire.

Wood and charcoal add a distinguishable smoky flavour to the food and also provides a food preservation effect. Whether you’re a fan of hams, bacon, lamb roast or oysters, there is a variety of smoked foods available for you.

How It Is Done?

The process of smoking meat is done using a smoker which is a cooker designed for outdoor use. Wood chips are inserted into the burning charcoal which creates the smoke and cooks the meat slowly and steadily.

Are you wondering is it possible to cook healthy and nutritious smoking recipes with an offset smoker in Australia?

The answer is- Yes. All it takes is a bunch of healthy ingredients and accurate cooking techniques to quick delicious foods that are healthy and safer for your consumption.

Here We Are Going To Share The Top 4 Best Tips To Make Smoking Recipes Healthier.

1.Use Of Healthy Ingredients

Make your smoked recipes healthier in an instant by adding more vegetables to the dish. A platter of vegetables can do wonders for your lamb spit roast. For instance, you can use lettuce leaves to serve your meat. Along with this, you can try using a lean chicken and serve it with some baked potatoes. Use olive oil then season your dish with a little salt and pepper. Grilled vegetables will add a fine texture to your smoked dish.

2.Use Of The Right Grilling Technique

With the help of indirect grilling, you can roast chicken, fish and pork and keep the excess fat from dripping directly all over the fire. This will minimise the risk of carcinogens being produced in the smoke. You can also cook vegetables and fruits in the same way. Whereas with direct grilling, you can add vegetables such as mushrooms to keep your lamb spit roast or fish steaks extra moist. When you add shredded vegetables, it significantly reduces the fat contents because the vegetables are being simply grilled instead of being deep-fried.

3.Include Healthy Food Alternatives

When you pick less fatty meat products, you are making a healthier choice. From chicken to beef, you can choose the leanest cuts and cook everything on the grill. Have you ever wondered you can prepare the dessert on the grill too? You can prepare food cake with butter and top it with some fresh fruits. Also, how about caramelising a pineapple with coconut milk, sugar and cinnamon by roasting them on the rotisserie? There are many such ways by which you can prepare some amazing dishes by simply switching the ingredients.  

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4.Do Not Overcook The Dishes

Marinating can help you cook fuller taste meat and experiment with different recipes. You can use vinegar, tomato, spices and herbs to marinate the meat and make it more tender. Marinating allows the ingredients to sweep into the meat and maintain an optimum level of moisture during grilling. It also coats the meat and prevents food from overcooking and burning.  

Are You Ready To Implement These Tips The Next Time You Cook?

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