The Best Ideas of Rotisserie Cooking

Excited to make your favourite rotisserie dishes? The rotisserie cooking method significantly seals the moisture and flavour of the food. Whether it is a large cut of meat or a whole chicken or turkey, you can roast the meat and cook it evenly using BBQ spit rotisserie.

Why Rotisserie Cooking?

The meat cooked using the rotisserie cooking style is comparatively juicier and tender as compared to other methods. All you need is a BBQ rotisserie attachment for your grill. You can also consider getting a rotisserie burner and an attachment for the charcoal kettle grill as they provide even heating and cooks the food more effectively.

Here are a few ideas and tips you can use if you’re looking forward to Rotisserie Cooking.

1. Proper Stuffing
People love to have spit-roasted lamb. The reason for its incredible taste is the stuffing and special ingredients such as lemon and rosemary. There are many ways by which you improve its aroma and keep the moisture intact, it will make your lamb more tender and mouth-watering. When it comes to stuffing the dish, you can choose raisins and apples to bring out its best flavours. Adding loin meat will help you retain an adequate amount of moisture.

Quick Tip: While stuffing the dish, always remember to sew the animal properly so that the herbs and spices can stay inside.

2. Get A Crispy Crust
Have you ever wondered how a restaurant’s spit-roasting pork dish is crispy and balanced? Now you can get the perfect crackling at home with a spit rotisserie. Here is what you need to do- Start with pricking the skin of the pork and rub the meat with a little salt. Refrigerating it overnight will allow the moisture to come up. Wipe the excess moisture, add some more salt and then heat the pork. To generate even heat, keep the meat close to the coal. Doing this will give your dish a crispy crust and add rich flavours to your food.

Quick Tip: Use a meat thermometer for cooking. It’ll help you cook the dish at an accurate temperature on the BBQ rotisserie. Only when your meat is fully cooked, you’ll be able to enjoy the juices and flavours.

3. Balance The Meat On Rotisserie
While using a spit rotisserie, there is no need to worry about flipping and moving the meat. Once you check the cooking temperature and do brush-basting. The spit will rotate the food continuously at an optimum speed and cook it evenly. You can also adjust the speed of the rotisserie based on the meat’s portion. While putting the meat on the spit, you need to ensure it is placed at the centre. Some rotisserie models are integrated with the counterweight mechanism, it balances food items when they rotate.

Quick Tip: Use butcher's twine to tie up your meat. Doing this will prevent food burning.

4. Know How To Avoid Browning
While preparing the meat, set up the BBQ rotisserie in such a way that it does not char the food. Use indirect heat to roast the meat, this will enable you to cook the meat properly from inside without the risk of burning. Also, apply sauce within 20 minutes of roasting.

Quick Tip: Use charcoal/gas grill for grilling.

5. Add A Drip Pan To Your List
Use a drip pan to collect excess juices and prevent flare-ups. Always add some water to the pan to keep the meat moist while roasting. When you put the pan under the food, it can reduce the impact of direct heat and will protect it from burning.                                                                                                                   
Quick Tip: Wrap the meat in foil paper.

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