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Quality Spits for Sale in Melbourne, Australia

There’s more to a BBQ get-together than just cooking and eating. It’s about spending quality time with your family and friends and having a great time eating together. All that and more is possible with the Dizzy Lamb BBQ spit rotisseries.

BBQs are fun. But your standard three-burner BBQ can play spoilsport. Upgrade to Dizzy Lamb BBQ spit rotisserie and make your BBQ get-together totally memorable. Your search for the best spit roasts for sale in Melbourne ends with Dizzy Lamb. We are Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of BBQ rotisserie kits.

Our Range of BBQ Spit Rotisseries

At Dizzy Lamb, we offer a huge variety of BBQ spit rotisseries to suit your style, space and cooking requirements. If you live in Melbourne and need a rotisserie unlike any other, then Dizzy Lamb has you spoilt for choice.

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Whether you want a BBQ for a small gathering or one that can cook for a party, we have BBQ spit roast to suit your budget and requirements. The Dizzy Lamb BBQ spit range includes:

  • Souvlaki – Looking to cook this popular Greek food in your very own backyard? We have just the right spit roasters for you. The Gaganis Souvla, the Dizzy Lamb Storm Souvla or the Cyprus Grill Deluxe AUTO are your perfect options. Boasting a brand new design and offering even better value, these complete charcoal BBQ rotisserie spits is all you will ever need. Cook pork, lamb, beef or chicken, chops, sausages and everything in between.
  • Charcoal – We have some more fantastic charcoal spit roasters for you to choose from. If you are looking for a basic BBQ rotisserie kit that will get the job done, then the Dizzy Lamb Charcoal Spit Roaster Large is all you will need. You can cook everything on this except for whole lamb. If you want a BBQ spit rotisserie to cook whole lamb, then the Dizzy Lamb Charcoal Spit Roaster Deluxe is the way to go. If you are looking for a hybrid variety, then look no further than the Dizzy Lamb Warrior Spit Roast BBQ.
  • Chicken – Although you can cook chicken in all of our rotisseries, some of our models are ideally suited for this juicy meat. The Dizzy Lamb Olympian Spit Roast BBQ, for example, is for chicken or lamb lovers. The younger cousin of the Warrior, this spit rotisserie features a heavy-duty motor, a solid stainless steel frame and quality stainless steel accessories.
  • Legend – The Legend Spit Roaster is literally the legend of our spit rotisserie range. This is all you need to cook like a pro effortlessly. Boasting a modern design and a heavy-duty steel frame, the Legend Spit Roaster features all the practical features you need for a big gathering without any hassle – a 240V electric motor, a fully adjustable spit bar and removable legs. This is a perfect choice for cooking whole lamb, whole suckling pig, slow-cooked sticky pork and more.
  • Gas – Don’t want the hassle of handling charcoal? Well then, go for the Dizzy Lamb Heavy-Duty Gas Spit. This spit for sale in Melbourne can take 30 kilos and offers an alternate cooking experience.
  • Electric Motor – When you want the power of an electric motor without missing out on the traditional taste of charcoal, our spit roasters with electric motors are an ideal choice. Options include the Dizzy Lamb Warrior, Dizzy Lamb Olympian and the Dizzy Lamb Legend. The Warrior and Olympian BBQ rotisseries are available in different variants to suit different requirements.
  • Custom – Looking for something that’s customised to your specifications? We’ve got you covered. We can custom build a spit roast for you so it does exactly what you need it to. Whether you want a specific feature or a made-to-measure spit, we can customise your BBQ spit roaster the way you like.

High Quality BBQ Spit Rotisseries

At Dizzy Lamb, we are focused on manufacturing high quality rotisserie spits. Our spit roasters are made of high-grade stainless steel, features a modern design and cutting edge technology and comes with all the accessories you need to cook like a pro in no time.

Our spit rotisseries are a result of tireless research over the years and our constant striving to deliver the best BBQ experience to our customers. Our journey began during a time when it was difficult to find a durable spit roaster.

At Dizzy Lamb, we are passionate about cooking with charcoal and the magic of slow roasting. Our range of spit roasters have been carefully designed after a lot of thought and years of research and we take great pride in our entire range of 14 BBQ roasters.

Why Choose Dizzy Lamb Spit Roasters?

  • Made in Australia – Our BBQ spit rotisseries are locally made in Australia. This means that you get a stellar quality product that will stand the test of time
  • High Quality – All our BBQ spits for sale are built using high quality materials and feature the best accessories to make your cooking effortless.
  • Wow Factor – Dizzy Lamb spit roasters have a wow factor about them that will impress your friends and family endlessly. When your friends catch you spinning a piece of chicken on one of these stunning BBQ rotisseries, they are sure to be impressed. Compliments guaranteed!
  • Wide Range – We have a BBQ spit to suit every requirement, budget and specification. Whether you are cooking for two people or a party of 20, we have the right BBQ rotisseries in charcoal as well as gas variants.
  • Value for Money – At Dizzy Lamb, we understand that when we invest in a product, we want value for money. And that’s exactly what our spit rotisserie kits offer. They are built to last, they look stunning, they boast with an array of practical features, they make cooking a breeze and most of all they are affordable.

Pick Your Favourite Dizzy Lamb BBQ Spit Rotisserie Now

No matter which Dizzy Lamb spit roaster you choose, you are choosing the best BBQ spit rotisserie in Australia. Explore our entire collection here and take your pick. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach us at 1800 349 995.

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