Recipe for smoked lamb shoulder

 A Sunday Lamb roast is the perfect way to spend the weekend. If you want a tender and juicy lamb recipe that is sure to become the star dish, then a smoked lamb shoulder is the perfect choice. Sizzling and succulent, a lamb shoulder is a delicious piece of meat and you can do it justice with this simple, yet tasty recipe.

Serves: 4 people
Prep Time:
30 minutes (to set the rub)
Cook Time:
5-5 ½ hours


  • 3 KG lamb shoulder
  • Peanut oil (for coating)
  • Barbecue rub (give the meat a tangy kick)

Tips for selecting a perfect lamb shoulder:

  • Lamb shoulder should weigh around 2-3 kilograms
  • Take the entire lamb shoulder
  • Remove the extra hard fat. Just keep a thin layer of fat which will help make the meat tender.

Preparation of Barbecue rub:

Generally, a dry rub consists of spices like garlic, onion, chilli powder along with cumin, oregano, paprika, with salt and pepper added in equal volumes. There is no specific ratio for the quantity of rub to coat the meat, it should be covered evenly.

Methods for smoked lamb shoulder recipe:

  • An entire lamb shoulder weighing around 2-3 kilogram can feed up to 8 people. However, even if you are expecting less than 8 people, buy the entire lamb shoulder to better render its juices and enjoy all its tender parts. Left overs (if there are any) can always be used in tacos and sandwiches.
  • The more the amount of fat in the meat, the gamier the taste. If you think the gamy taste of the meat can be a bit overwhelming, get rid of the hard fat on the shoulder. However, do leave a thin layer of fat which can melt and slip into the meat, making it succulent and tender.
  • Coat the meat with a generous layer of peanut oil thoroughly on all the sides and edges.
  • Next, cover the meat with a generous amount of barbecue rub. Spread it evenly on all sides. The rub should form a thick layer on top of the meat so that the flavour gets savoured while it is being smoked.
  • Place the lamb shoulder in the smoker. Cover the smoker and keep it at 220 degrees Fahrenheit or 105 degree Celsius for a few hours.
  • The lamb shoulder should be smoked for at least an hour. After an hour of smoking, check your lamb. It should have a dark smoked covering by now but should still be moist. Your meat is halfway cooked
  • Wrap the shoulder in an aluminium foil. This will help the meat retain the moisture evenly and also prevent the aroma of the spices to escape, enhancing the meat’s taste and tenderness.
  • Wrapping the meat also helps it to reach the maximum temperature for smoking faster. You can reduce the internal temperature of the smoker to 203-degree Fahrenheit. This is enough to cook the lamb evenly when it is wrapped.
  • Once the smoker reaches the temperature of 203 degrees Fahrenheit, take the lamb out of the grill.
  • Keep the shoulder covered for some time after taking it out of the smoker. It will allow the flavours to sink in better.
  • When you remove the wrap, your shoulder should have a lovely crusty, charred outer layer while being pink and moist inside. The meat will have a delicious smoky flavour and a perfect spice blend aroma.
  • The lamb will be pull-apart tender. Pair the meat with refreshing tacos or make delicious pulled lamb burgers.

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