Honeybrix - 10kg

Honeybrix - 10kg


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The Best Spit Roast Charcoal Melbourne Has To Offer

Cook with genuine Honeybrix Premium Briquettes to get the best results for any bbq meat, seafood, or poultry. Use a "Dizzy Lamb Spit" and experience the convenience and tradition of a Mediterranean spit as you cook tasty cuts of lamb, beef, pork, and whole chickens.

Honeybrix is a long-burning briquette (pronounced “Bree-Cat”) excellent for BBQ grilling and cooking. It produces little smoke and ash and cooks food more evenly when compared to lump charcoal. Honeybrix is a superior substitute to traditional charcoal since the standard size and shape make it burn more reliably and consistently for longer periods of time. Its unique honeycomb shape also means that it can be stacked, which makes carrying and storing easy.

All Natural

Made completely from sawdust with no artificial chemicals, additives, or binding agents. Our sawdust is bonded using state-of-the-art high-pressure compression technology to form a dense high-quality briquette. Honeybrix is odor-free and 100% natural.

Burns Cleanly

With no additives, chemicals, or binding agents (such as starch), Honeybrix burns cleanly, giving off no smoke and low ash. The highly compressed briquettes hold together tightly to eliminate sparks.

High Heat Intensity

Honeybrix burns longer and hotter than any other charcoal used for BBQ. Our secret is that we use only hardwood sawdust in our briquettes. Hardwood sawdust burns at a higher temperature than most fuels.

Long Burning

Honeybrix briquettes burn reliably for up to 5 hours, reducing the need for frequent changing. In contrast, palm kernel charcoal lasts only for 1 hour and other normal types of charcoal typically do not last beyond 2 hours. Moreover, Honeybrix briquettes give consistent heat emission for a sustained period. This translates into lower fuel costs with less hassle.

Environmentally Friendly

Honeybrix is widely accepted by countries with stringent quality standard requirements including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, and Greece. We commit to producing the best charcoal while being good stewards of the earth’s resources. Sawdust, which would otherwise be discarded, is collected from nearby timber factories, to manufacture our environmentally friendly charcoal.

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