Honeybrix Premium Charcoal 10 kgs - CH08


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Honeybrix Premium Charcoal 10 kgs - CH08

The Best Spit Roast Charcoal Melbourne Has To Offer. Cook with genuine Honeybrix Premium Briquettes to get the best results for any bbq meat, seafood or poultry. Use a "Dizzy Lamb Spit" and experience the convenience and tradition of a Mediterranean spit as you cook tasty cuts of lamb, beef, pork and whole chickens. Honeybrix is a long burning briquette (pronounced Bree-Cat) excellent for BBQ grilling and cooking. It produces little smoke and ash, and cooks food more evenly when compared against lump charcoal. Honeybrix is a superior substitute to traditional charcoal, since the standard size and shape makes it burn more reliably and consistently for longer periods of time. Its unique honeycomb shape also means that it can be stacked, which makes carrying and storing easy.

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