Smoking Chips - Olive 1KG

Smoking Chips - Olive 1KG


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Outdoor Magic - Smoking Olive Wood Chips 1KG

Olive Wood Chips and Chunks Olive wood creates a light, aromatic smoke flavour punchy enough for red meats without overpowering fish and poultry.
If you do not have a smoker box, you can create a foil pouch following the instructions below. If you only have household foil available, simply make the pouch from a double thickness of foil.
For evenly flavoured smoking, place the foil pouch or smoker box to one side of the fire or heat source, not directly underneath any of the food.
Smoking chips burn quickly and you may find that you need to add more chips during the cooking process. Smoking chips are ideal for shorter cooking times.

Tips for use:
Step 1: Soak 2 Cups of Olive Smoking Chips for 30 minutes.
Step 2: Place pre-soaked wood chips in a Smoker Box or 2-3 foil pouches and place them above the heat source in the BBQ.

How to make a foil pouch:
1. Folda 15cm x 30cm strip of heavy-duty aluminium foil in half to make a 15cm square.
2. With folded edge at the bottom, seal each side by folding the foil over twice to make a pouch.
3. Partially fill the pouch with 1/3 cup of pellets, leaving some space at the top, and double-fold opening to completely seal of the pouch.
4. with a toothpick, punch a tiny hole in one side only of the punch.
5. Place the smoking punch on or above the cooker's heat source with the punched side up.

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