Outdoor Magic - Smoking Plum Wood Chunks 3kg


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Outdoor Magic - Smoking Plum Wood Chunks 3kg

Chunks burn more slowly than chips, and often a chunk or two about the size of an egg is all that is needed for a lot of food. Because they are slow, steady sources of smoke, they are in many ways, the most desirable. When you use chunks, you can add one or two at the start of the cooking cycle and you don't need to keep opening the unit and mess with the equilibrium in the cooking chamber's atmosphere. Chips. Chips burn quickly and you may find that you need to add them more than once during the cooking cycle. Chips are ideal for shorter cooking times, but for longer cooking, chunks are better.

- The flavour is milder and sweet and great for mixing with other smoking woods. Use with most white or pink meats, including chicken, turkey, pork and fish.

- The plum wood chunks are locally sourced, with no chemicals. These hearty, all-natural chips of real Plum wood add the distinct and zesty, mouth-watering flavour that makes you a hero in your own backyard.

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