Wide World of BBQ - Smoking Jam Wood Chunks 3kg


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Wide World of BBQ
Smoking Jam Wood Chunks 3kg
(Smokey Taste Flavor Meat Vegetables BBQ Aroma)

Jam is of the Acacia tree. It offers a long hot burn, so a small amount of chunks is all that’s needed to give off a subtle sweet raspberry scent and smoke flavour, which goes well with pork, chicken & lamb.
This fruitwood is mild, fruity, and subtly sweet. Good for all-purpose smoking needs. It’s particularly popular with poultry, pork (especially ham), lamb, and sometimes seafood. It works for beef, but its flavour is so delicate it doesn’t hold up to red meat’s heavy flavours so a lighter wood is recommended.
The Jam Smoking Wood Chunks 3kg is locally sourced, with no chemicals. These hearty, all-natural chips of real Jam wood add the distinct and zesty, mouth-watering flavour that makes you a hero in your own backyard.

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