Gaganis Souvla Platinum Edition


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Gaganis Souvla Platinum Edition

Brand New Design. Even Better Value.

The Most Complete Charcoal BBQ/Rotisserie

- 91 x 46 cm
- 3 Long Skewers (stainless steel)
- 11 Short Skewers (stainless steel)
- 6 Prongs (stainless steel)
- Carry Handles
- Grill Plate (stainless steel)
- 2 x 240V Motor - 10kg capacity
- 1 x 1.5V Motor - 4kg capacity

Nothing more to buy .

Everything you need comes with this great unit.

Cook, cuts of lamb, pork, chicken or beef, sausages, chops, basically anything you can throw at it

Finished in a high temp powder coat that will last the time.

Gaganis Souvla is an innovative three-way cooking system designed to feed a few people or cater for a party. You can cook meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables on the unit using the three-way cooking system. The three-way cooking system works like this:

Three long skewers – cut whole lamb, goat, or pork into chunks and feed them through each of the three long skewers. You can also cook whole chicken, rabbit, or quail on these skewers. There are sufficient numbers of prongs to keep the meat together, stable, and fastened to the skewers. Ensure you use these prongs so that the meat is held tight. Switch the motor on and the long skewers will rotate and cook the meat perfectly.

Short (Kebab) skewers – make kebabs by using smaller pieces of lamb, goat, pork, chicken, scallops, prawns, or other small seafood pieces and vegetables such as zucchini, capsicum, and onions. These kebab-sized skewers will turn once the motor is activated and allow the heat to evenly cook the food.

Grill – when not using the kebab skewers, place any other item you would like to cook on the grill. This could include sausages, vegetables, potatoes, shellfish, meat, or saganaki cheese. An instant charcoal BBQ!

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