130cm Stainless Steel Round Solid Skewer


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130cm Stainless Steel Round Solid Skewer from The BBQ Store

The Solid 130cm stainless steel round shaft skewer is a high-strength skewer that is designed to be used for charcoal rotisserie spits to cook meat to perfection for any large family gathering or get-together.
Designed to act as a replacement for damaged or worn existing skewers, this grill barbecue skewer is able to easily offer a lifetime of use with its high-strength construction of stainless steel to ensure high resistance against wear and tear when exposed to long-term heat and flames. User-friendly, this skewer is able to promote easy threading of the meat so that it is secure and free from moving, and can be used for the large demanding cooking sessions to promote mouth-watering meals that the whole family can enjoy.
Offering a 130cm length, this stainless steel skewer is able to offer high support for heavy-weight meats and is able to be easily cleaned after each and every use to ensure it is ready for the next cooking session. Many different options are available - leg and back braces, prongs, counterbalance weight, etc.

- Features a long-life cooking capacity.
- This stainless steel shaft skewer is designed to offer easy threading of meat to ensure that it is easy to pierce.
- lightweight in size but solid to allow for easy handling.
- This grill barbecue rotisserie spit skewer can also help with additional time saving by being able to pre-prepare food in advance for easy entertaining of large groups of guests.
- Easy to clean design.
- Solid Stainless Steel Round Skewer.
- Use with Motors from 40kgs (HDE-3074) - to 85kgs (SHD-3075) Balanced Load Capacity.

130mm Long | 22mm Diameter

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