40kg Capacity 304 Grade Stainless Steel BBQ Spit Rotisserie Motor for Round Skewer from DIZZY LAMB


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40kg Capacity 304 Grade Stainless Steel BBQ Spit Rotisserie Motor For Round Skewer From The BBQ Store- SSS-3073

The stainless steel heavy 304 grade duty spit motor that is designed to offer easy rotation of balanced meat up to 40kgs at a time to ensure that they are cooked evenly without burning the outer layer of meat. Factory tested at 40 kgs, this rotisserie spit motor is constructed from stainless steel and is designed with an inbuilt cooling fan to help reduce it from becoming over heated when cooking for long periods at a time. Designed to turn at 5RPM, this spit grill barbecue motor delivers a 220-240V / 25W / 50Hz direct drive power capacity and is suitable for a round skewer shaft that is up to 22mm in diameter allowing for optimal rotation when used in the most demanding cooking situations. With its attractive appearance, this outdoor BBQ grill spit motor not only looks great against your grill barbecue for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it can also promote high powered operation that allows for reliable, optimal cooking time to ensure it is ready to serve in the shortest amount of time.

Also available: skewers, leg brackets, counter balances, prongs, back braces, gyro discs to suit, please contact us for more details.