A40 Stainless Motor Without Pin to suit BBQ Rotisserie Kit with Slit Skewer from DIZZY LAMB


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A40 Stainless Motor W/out Pin to suit BBQ Rotisserie Kit w/ Slit System From The BBQ Store - SSM-3073

The A40 Stainless Motor -W/out Pin is a high quality and user friendly rotisserie barbecue motor which is designed to provide convenient turning of your rotisserie to evenly cook meat to perfection. This motor comes with a stainless steel construction for added strength and long term use. It also features a 30kg turning capacity and is designed with a 2.7RPM rating. This motor offers an 8mm diameter which can suit custom made or square shafts.
**We also sell: skewers, leg brackets, counter balances, prongs, back braces, and gyro discs**