BBQ Wheels Set of 4 - Build your own spit rotisserie - Handles up to 10kg per wheel!!! - Wheels


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BBQ Wheels Set of 4

The grill barbecue mobility wheels are designed to offer high compatibility for most grilling units to replace the existing wheels on them if they become damaged, old, broken, or worn from long-term use and movement. These mobility wheels are highly constructed to support the grill barbeques heavyweight and are able to help promote high portability for most BBQ grills to move them from one place to another without the heavy lifting that may cause strain on the back. Featuring a compact size and heavy-duty construction, this set of wheels allows for easy removal of the old ones without the need for complicated tools, and can easily provide an easy setup and connection process for the new ones without taking up too much time away from the cooking and entertaining of guests. Ideal for any barbecue enthusiast who likes to transport their BBQ grill from one place to another, these mobility wheels are extremely lightweight, are user-friendly, and are a must for any grill barbecue owner to promote easy movement of the grill.