Charcoal HQ Premium Binchotan (White charcoal) 10kg - CH19


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Charcoal HQ Premium Binchotan (White charcoal)10 kg - CH19

The Best Spit Roast Charcoal with an exceptional purity, Charcoal HQ Binchotan charcoal delivers a unique cooking experience. Binchotan is traditionally used for Japanese cooking, is harder than regular lump charcoal and rings with a metallic sound when struck. With extremely high levels of pure carbon and minimal impurities, Charcoal HQ Binchotan will burn with extraordinarily pure heat, providing you with a grilling experience like no other. The worlds finest charcoal is guaranteed to provide you with a unique and refined BBQ experience. Binchotan is the choice charcoal for your Hibachi grill.