Chef Smart SLIM - Ultimate Package (Large)


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myGRILL SLIM - Ultimate Package Large

with Stainless Steel Cart
The myGRILL SLIM Large is built with elegance, practicality and simplicity in mind. It features a specially designed rotisserie system with chains to create uniform speed. The elevation mechanism allows for easy adjustment of heights up to 13 cm depending on how hot the charcoal gets and the high-power motor has speeds of up to 42rpm. The MyGRILL SLIM base is made with stainless steel and integrated ceramic fibre significantly reducing heat loss to only 10% allowing you to save on charcoal and grill your favourite foods for longer periods of time.
- 10x Stainless steel 4mm skewers
- 5x Stainless steel 6mm skewers
- 1 X 1 X Stainless steel roasting rack
- 1 X Stainless steel rotating rack (basket)
- 1 X Stainless steel ash shovel
- 1 X Stainless steel charcoal tongs
- 1 X Stainless steel charcoal chimney starter
- 1 X Instant-read thermometer
- 1 X myGRlLL long-lasting cylindrical firefighters

- Easy to carry, portable design with lid
- Durable stainless steel with ceramic fibre base
- Easy to use and clean
- Easy to transport
- Easy to store due to size

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