myGRILL Chef SMART Medium - Ultimate Package - 950010-03002111


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myGRILL Chef SMART Medium - Ultimate Package - 950010-03002111

The myGRILL allows you to select your favourite food and will cook it for you to perfection. It has a built in automatic system which is able to adjust the speed, temperature and timing of your food so you can relax and watch your food cook. It also includes pre-installed recipes which allow you to easily cook different types of food like steaks, fish and burgers by the click of a button. The myGRILL truly simplifies the cooking process and allows you to cook the perfect meal every time. Enjoy quality food with friends and family without having to worry about burning it.

(The myGRILL Medium can hold a total of 21x 4mm skewers at full load.)

Package Includes:
10x Stainless steel 4mm skewers
5x Stainless steel 6mm skewers
1x Stainless steel roasting rack
1x stainless steel rotating rack
1x ash shovel
1x charcoal tongs
1x charcoal chimney starter
1x Instant read thermometer

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