Chef SMART - Ultimate Package (Small)


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myGRILL Chef SMART Small - Ultimate Package

The Chef SMART cooking system can cook food on its own and help you achieve professional results even on the most demanding foods. With a built-in computer that can calculate and perform all the necessary processes, the food can be automatically cooked. The SMART cooking system has an embedded temperature sensor that constantly monitors and analyses how the different foods are cooked. The cooking system also allows you to choose from a number of pre-installed recipes or create your own recipes!

- 5 X Stainless steel 4mm skewers
- 5 X Stainless steel 6mm skewers
- 1 X 1 X Stainless steel roasting rack
- 1 X Stainless steel rotating rack (basket)
- 1 X Stainless steel ash shovel
- 1 X Stainless steel charcoal tongs
- 1 X Stainless steel charcoal chimney starter
- 1 X Instant-read thermometer
- 1 X myGRlLL long lasting cylindrical firefighters

- Manual and automated charcoal grill that combines the ease of a gas grill plus the aroma of the charcoal
- Built-in display from which you can select the type of food you want to cook
- Durable stainless steel
- Pre-installed dynamic recipes with icons for different types of foods like steaks, burgers, chicken, fish and kebabs
- Smooth and quiet motor operation, with a variable speed of up to 36rpm, automatically adjusting to regulate the cooking temperature
- Insulated base reduces heat loss to 10% and sustains the charcoal for a longer period of time
- Innovative electric elevation mechanism gives you control over the cooking temperature just by pressing the knob, and it automatically adjusts the height between the meat and the charcoal
- Ceramic fibre inside the double layered base exhibits high-temperature stability for continuous use at temperatures of up to 1200℃

DImensions: 61cm Length x 77cm Width x 23.5cm Height

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