Cyprus Grill - 2020 Extra Large BBQ Rotisserie (with 2 x Variable Speed motors)


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Cyprus Grill - 2020 Extra Large BBQ Rotisserie
(with 2 x Variable Speed motors)

The new 2020 Stainless Steel Cyprus Grill is a larger Cyprus Grill unit, made longer and wider than the typical deluxe auto model, and designed to cook more of your meat evenly and conveniently. It can easily cater to most meat types including beef, lamb, chicken, goat and pork. The heavy-duty large stainless steel construction allows for high usage, and its size will enable you to cook for a large number of people in a quicker time than the smaller models in the range. The size is 89cm long by 50cm wide, making it the largest Cyprus Grill we have regarding the cooking area.

 Package Includes:
- 2 x Variable speed 240V/12V x 20kgs capacity motor
- 3 x Large stainless steel skewers 10mm Square
- 15 x Small stainless steel skewers 3.5mm Square
- 2 x Fitted stainless steel cooking grills (ideal for steaks and sausages)
- 2 x bottom stainless steel shelves for extra storage


Large Skewer: 100cm L (Without the plastic handle) 10mm square in thickness (with 8mm head)
Small Skewer: 60cm L (Without the timber handle) 3.5mm square in thickness
Stainless steel base (Includes: Legs, Gear Sets, Skewers, Forks, Etc.)
Extra Support in Firebowl with Holes for Extra Air Flow


Dimensions (From the ground to the top of the charcoal tray):
Width: 0.600m
Length: 1.180m
Height: 0.400m


Cooking Area Dimensions:
Width: 50cm
Length: 89cm


Height Adjustable Charcoal Tray: A new innovation, the height adjustable charcoal tray is perfect for keeping your heat at the right temperature, and with four height adjustment levels.
Automatic Rotation Function: The unique technology allows the Cyprus Grill's skewers to be turned by the motor without having to manually turn it by hand. The automatic skewer rotation is beneficial for allowing even cooking of the meat to reduce the risk of burning the food.
Height Adjustable Motorised Skewers: With two different types of skewers, which include 3 Large height adjustable motorised stainless 10mm steel skewers (100cm) and 15 shorter skewers (58cm), you'll have plenty of skewers to cook all your favourite meats.
Easy to clean design: As well as the size, we've made this model very easy to clean. This allows you to finish up quicker when you're done, and go and enjoy your time with family and friends.
Wheel Design: This model also features a wheel design, which allows quick and easy transportation of your Cyprus Grill if you need to move it from place to place, or if you experience bad weather while cooking.
Two 20kg Variable Speed Motors: This 2020 edition of the Cyprus Grill comes with two 20kg variable speed motors. This will ensure you can be cooking with both sets of skewers at one time, increasing your cooking output considerably. These batteries can run on both 12V power, and 240V AC power, which makes them not only powerful but also portable if you have a 12V power source.
Tough and Durable Steel Frame and Base: This Cyprus Grill comes with a stainless steel frame and base, which will stand the test of time and provide you with many years of great cooking.
Two Serving Trays: The extra large Stainless Steel Cyprus Grill comes with two removable serving trays underneath the charcoal tray. This allows you to not only use these trays while preparing your food but also to serve your food. Easily removable, they make life easier that's for sure.