Cyprus Grill - 3 Large Skewer Gear Set - Auto (Black)


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Cyprus Grill
3 Large Skewer Gear Set - Auto (Black)

The auto 3 skewer gear set is an innovative and well-designed gear set that is made to be used for the Cyprus grill barbecues to turn all 3 skewers at the same time. With high compatibility with our Cyprus Grill 8mm square large skewers, this auto gear set is able to help customise your current bbq into a more productive cooking unit that can help to cater to small to large numbers of guests.
Well constructed, this gear set is manufactured in Cyprus with strong materials that promote high strength and support when used for long-term installations, and is designed to be used to replace old or damaged gear sets that may have become worn from over-use or heavy exposure to wear and tear.
This high-powered gear set is able to be easily handled to enable an effortless installation process. It also promotes high functionality to help with promoting a high cooking capacity when catering for a range of guests.
Complete packages (gear set, skewers, and motor) are also available for purchase, please contact us or visit our store for more details.

- Make your own custom-made Cyprus Grill or replace the old or the damaged Gear Set.
- This large skewer Gear set comes with a user-friendly and easy to set up design which allows for all 3 skewers to easily be turned simultaneously. 
- Suits square large skewers with 8mm Thickness
- The Gear Set comes in Blue
- It comes with a Skewer Support bar at the other end and is designed to help cook food evenly for added convenience when installed. 
- 12 months warranty 
- Made in Cyprus.

The Skewer Gear Set dimensions (WxLxH): 39cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 5cm (H))
Weight: 1.8 kg
Please contact us if you require further clarification of the dimensions.

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