Cyprus Grill - 3 Skewer Gear Set (Manual Style)


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Cyprus Grill - 3 Skewer Gear Set (Manual Style)

The manual type 3 skewer gear set is built in such a way as to be capable of high use with Cyprus grill barbecues when looking to use and cook with 3 high-strength skewers. Able to withstand long cooking sessions without yielding to weakness or too much wear, this gear set allows you to customize your Cyprus grill thereby increasing your cooking time and experience, which aids in catering for large gatherings. User-friendly and offering high operating control ensuring that the skewers are well adapted to your cooking set-up, this gear set is also compatible with large skewers. Can also be used to replace old or damaged gear sets.

Design: Built to offer additional strength and support
Capabilities: Can accommodate 3 skewers
Installation: Easily-installed without any problems for fast use
Material: Made from high-quality material
Cooking: Food is cooked evenly and done so in its own juices
Compatibility: Suits square large skewers with 9mm thickness
Simultaneous rotation: Can use any Cyprus Grill Motor Option to simultaneously turn the 3 skewers
Manufacturing: Made in Cyprus


Brand: Cyprus Grill
Model no: LSGS-0111
Colour: Available in black only

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