Cyprus Grill - 4 Skewer Gear Set (Straight Line)


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Cyprus Grill - 4 Skewer Gear Set (Straight Line)

An authentic Cyprus Grill product made of quality materials, the Cyprus Grill 4 Skewer Gear Set has been made to be a replacement part when needed for your Cyprus Grill or for you to begin on your own custom spit rotisserie. Capable of holding 4 skewers of any length and allowing for a motor to be attached means you can enjoy automated cooking sessions.


Design: Built with two sides, the first being the gear side from where you turn the skewers and the second being the side that holds up the other end of the skewers
Functionality: A motor may be attached
Capabilities: Able to support 4 skewers
Materials: Constructed with high-quality materials
Skewer type: Ideal for 8mm square skewers
Made in: Made in Cyprus



SKU: LSGS-0116
Brand: Cyprus Grill
Model No: LSGS-0116
Colour: Black
Length (Gear Side): 525mm
Width (Gear Side): 30mm
Height (Gear Side): 290mm
Length (Other Side): 485mm
Width (Other Side): 25mm
Height (Other Side): 215mm



Weight: 3.3000kg
Width: 54mm
Height: 300mm
Length: 300mm

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