Cyprus Grill - Large S/Steel Heavy Duty Gear Set (3 Inline)


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Cyprus Grill Large S/Steel
Heavy Duty Gear Set (3 Inline)

The Cyprus grill large gear set (3 Inline) is an innovative and well-constructed gear set that is able to offer high accommodation skewers. This Cyprus grill barbecue gear set is designed to be used for demanding applications with its heavy-duty construction, and can easily provide a new alternative for replacing old or damaged gear sets for the Cyprus grill barbeque when they may have become worn from long-term use over many different cooking sessions. With its unique design, this barbecue skewer gear set is able to promote easy customization of your outdoor BBQ grill allowing you to easily adjust it to suit your personal outdoor cooking setup for added convenience and is designed as a lightweight piece of equipment that can easily allow for effortless handling and installation for all Cyprus BBQ grill owners.