Cyprus Grill Mini - Deluxe Auto (Blue) Genuine Product , Greek/Cypriot BBQ Kontosouvli/Souvla, Foukou. Charcoal Grill- CG-0700


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Cyprus Grill Mini - Deluxe Auto (Blue) Genuine Product (Made in Cyprus) - CG-0700

Designed to be 20cm smaller than the original Cyprus Grill Deluxe Barbecue, the Mini Cyprus Deluxe is an exquisitely hand-made innovative charcoal grill barbecue that allows you to have different cooking temperatures when cooking different meats.

Package Includes:
3 X Large Stainless steel skewers
7 Small Stainless steel skewers
1 X Battery operated motor that turns up to 2kgs of meat
1 X Set of gears
1 X Set of legs
1 X Checker plate steel base