Cyprus Grill - Stainless Steel Raised Grill (Suit to Mini Cyprus Grill)


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Cyprus Grill - Stainless Steel Raised Grill
(Suit to Mini Cyprus Grill)

The stainless steel raised grill is a well-constructed grill plate designed to provide high cooking use when used in demanding cooking setups. Offering a construction from stainless steel, this outdoor barbecue raised grill is able to provide high strength that can easily cater for long-term cooking sessions that may be extra hot or longer than expected. Designed to sit on the Cyprus 3 skewer gear set, this outdoor BBQ grill plate is ideal for cooking small portions of meat and food including sausages, chicken pieces, mushrooms, steak, burgers and more, and offers an adjustable cooking height to suit the food that is being cooked to ensure there is no burning or burnt taste when serving. Featuring an easy-to-clean design, this raised grill is able to be easily washed with water and placed to dry in a clean location ready for the next cooking session. With its easy-to-grip handles, this grill is able to be lifted off and on the barbecue when needed, and is able to support the weight of the food without any concern easily. This Grill is suitable for the Mini Cyprus grill and has a grill area of 48cm x 26cm. Made in Cyprus.