Extra Large Charcoal Tray to suit Stainless Steel Cyprus Grill


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Cyprus Grill Extra Large Charcoal Tray
(suit Stainless Steel Cyprus Grill)

The Charcoal Tray for the Extra Large Stainless Steel Cyprus Grill (EB-W02) is a great tool. It is placed into the Cyprus Grill or any other charcoal BBQ of the same size, and your Charcoal goes into it. The Charcoal Tray prevents the Cyprus Grill base from being affected by the Hot Burning Charcoal, by taking all of the impact itself. It also makes pouring used charcoal out very easy. Instead of having to turn your whole Grill over to tip out the coals, you can now simply take the charcoal tray out and pour out your charcoal.

- Black Colour Scheme
- 40mm high feet
- Durable Metal