Fat Boy BBQ Injector with Needle (60ml)


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Hark Fat Boy BBQ Injector with Needle

Cook / Grill / Smoke your meat like a pro with this Hark Fat Boy Marinade Injector. This tool is not for the faint-hearted, it is a serious BBQ meat injector With solid construction you will be the envy of all you're friends.

- Attach the Injector needle firmly, careful not to over tighten
- Pull the plunger to draw in a marinade
- Insert a needle into the deepest part of the flesh from the top.
- For thin cuts, inject from the sides

- The clean injector in warm, soapy water
- Dry Thoroughly before storing

- Quality stainless steel needle
- Use with you're favourite marinade
- Holds 60mls of marinade
- Convenient three-ring handle
- Needle can be stored inside injector

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