Flat Kebab/Shashlik/Brazilian Skewer Set (5 Pack)


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Flat Kebab/Shashlik/Brazilian Skewer Set (5 Pack)
Suit Stainless Steel Rotisserie Cyprus Grill

The Flat Kebab 5 set stainless skewers are designed to fit a stainless-steel Rotisserie Cyprus Grill. They provide convenience in meal preparation when serving at large family gatherings or a group of friends during large type parties. Kebab skewers are ideal for preparing minced kebabs / Brazilian cooking or shashlik. A worthy set of accessories worth purchasing.

- Functional Design: Wooden handles to protect hands from burns And also for easy handling when cooking food
- Skewer Construction: Made of durable stainless steel.
- Skewer Compatibility: Perfectly suits a Stainless-Steel Rotisserie Cyprus Grill
- Skewer Dynamics: Replaces worn out and tired flat kebab skewers
- Maintenance: Wipe clean with a clean towel soon after use Avoid leaving the wooden handles in contact with water for too long
- Made In: Made in Cyprus

- 12mm Width
- 3mm Thickness
- 460mm Length (without handle)
- 540mm Length (with handle)

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