Freestanding Stainless Steel Cart for Chef SMART (Small)


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myGRILL Stainless Steel Cart for Chef SMART Small

The myGRILL stainless steel cart is designed to make your Chef SMART grill mobile. The cart includes two side shelves to make it easier to place your food when cooking. They are also detachable allowing you to store your stainless steel cart easily once you’re done cooking. Additionally, there is a foldable front door that can be extended and used as a table. The 4 casters will make moving your myGRILL cart quick and easy.

- Easy to move the portable cart
- Durable stainless steel
- Easy to use and clean
- Easy to transport
- Two side shelves that are removable
- The front door that can be used as a table
- 4 casters to easily move the cart

With Shelves: 135cm width x 45cm depth
Without Shelves: 65cm width x 45cm depth

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