Gasmate - Satin Enamel BBQ Hot Plate (320mm x 485mm)


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Gasmate - Satin Enamel BBQ Hot Plate (320mm x 485mm)

Gasmate's Satin Enamel plates are constructed from durable cast iron with a satin enamel finish making them non-porous and easier to clean than non-coated plates. These plates offer exceptional heat distribution and versatility, with one side ribbed and the other side flat for that perfectly seared burger, steak or seafood.

Durable: Extra tough and durable with excellent heat distribution.
Reversible: Ribbed and flat side for cooking versatility.
Easy To Use: Designed to fit most standard BBQs on the market.
Satin Enamel Finish: It makes the hotplate easier to clean and reduces the prevalence of rust.

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