Kamado Joe Half Moon Soapstone - Big Joe - BJ-HCGSSTONE


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Kamado Joe Half Moon Soapstone - Big Joe - BJ-HCGSSTONE

The Soapstone Cooking surface is perfect for preparing a wide range of foods, including fish, meats, and vegetables. Its exceptional qualities make it both anti-bacterial and stain-resistant, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to cross-contamination and messy cleanup. The thick Canadian soapstone slab ensures even distribution of heat, trapping the natural juices within the meat for a mouthwatering and flavorful meal.

Additionally, the soapstone surface effectively prevents flare-ups, reducing the risk of burnt meat and ensuring added safety during grilling. Thanks to its non-porous nature, this soapstone slab offers a hassle-free grilling experience for tender meats, delicate fish, and fresh vegetables, as it prevents sticking to the grilling surface and keeps your food intact throughout the process.

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