Kamado Joe Hyperbolic Insert - Big Joe


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Kamado Joe Hyperbolic Insert - Big Joe - BJ-HYPER

Elevate your slow smoking and grilling game with the Kamado Joe SloRoller insert designed specifically for Kamado Joe Big Joe I & II kamados. Crafted from durable, Teflon-coated cast aluminium, the SloRoller insert seamlessly replaces the heat deflector inside your Kamado. The accompanying rack securely holds your existing cooking grates in place.

Experience a new dimension of flavour and consistency as the hyperbolic design of the insert skillfully distributes smoke throughout the kamado in gentle rolling waves. Say goodbye to uneven heat distribution with fewer hot spots, allowing you to savour perfectly cooked dishes every time. The Kamado Joe SloRoller insert is your ticket to enhanced grilling and smoking performance, taking your outdoor cooking to the next level.

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