Man Law Giant Grill Brush - Long Handled - MAN-HY2


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MAN LAW #9: The cheaper the beer, the more loudly you should say how cold it is.

A skill that's essential for any BBQ master is the ability to clean and maintain their grill. The key to mastering the art of cleaning is to clean your BBQ down every time you use it. Additionally, it's also a good idea to schedule a thorough deep-clean every 12 months to make sure all the parts are free of grime and residue, and are in good working order.

Taking good care of your BBQ is not only good for your health, it helps maintain the quality and taste of the food you cook.

The HY2 Grill Brush is the ideal cleaning tool for the BBQ, it features a 20.6" (52.3cm) long handle, stainless steel bristle and a heavy-duty 2mm scraper for easy cleaning!


Man Law Giant Grill Brush: MAN-HY2

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