Man Law Grill Wok Stainless Steel Wok


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MAN LAW #10: Flare-ups will be handled calmly and discreetly until such time as flames spread to a national park

Man Law gives you the tools to cook a variety of different foods on your BBQ so that you master the art of grilling. Smaller items can often be difficult to keep on the grill plate and can therefore get lost in the barbecuing action. With Man Law's Grill Wok, you can diversify your grilling menu with ease and start impressing your mates with all sorts of little grilled goodies.

Place the Grill Wok on your BBQ grill and you can cook with a smoky char grill flavour, the Grill Wok is the ultimate cooking gadget to help control all the smaller tidbits like calamari, chicken medallions, vegetables, and beef strips over the grill.

But with heavy-duty stainless steel, it measures 33.7cm x 29.9cm and features drip holes to take care of any excess oil, grease, or fat. Perfect fat-free cooking!

Alternatively, place the Grill Wok inside the BBQ and close the lid for some premium slow-cooking action. Slow cooking also gives you more time to savour that beer and socialize!

A simple yet versatile BBQ tool, the Grill Wok will see you exploring new grilling possibilities, and mastering a well-rounded barbecuing menu of epic proportions.

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