Man Law - Hamburger Basket


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Man Law - Hamburger Basket

Men are supposed to be really bad at multitasking. The next time someone tells you that, invite them around for a hamburger BBQ. MAN LAW hamburger patty baskets allow you to grill four hamburgers at the same time – and still, leave one hand free to hold a beer. Multitasking doesn’t get much better than that. What’s more, this cooking method is fat-free, so you can squash any arguments about unhealthy eating habits at the same time.
The hamburger patty basket is made of heavy chrome-plated, food-grade wire with a 56 cm extra-long handle. The premium rounded wood on the handle keeps it cool to the touch.

- How to hold a beer & flip 4 hamburger patties at the same time ... use a Hamburger basket of course!
- Heavy chrome plated wire
- 22-inch extra long handle
- Premium rounded wood on the handle keeps ya cool
- Easy to use, no Fat, no Mess & you get the lovely smoky grill BBQ flavour too!
- Just flip over to cook all at once! Great to use for 2 hamburger patties and 2 big Mushies!

*BBQ Not Included*

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