Man Law Hamburger Basket - MAN-V1


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MAN LAW #9 The cheaper the beer, the more loudly you should say how cold it is

Men are supposed to be really bad at multitasking. The next time someone tells you that, invite them around for a hamburger BBQ. MAN LAW hamburger patty baskets allow you to grill four hamburgers at the same time and still leave one hand free to hold a beer. Multitasking doesnt get much better than that. Whats more, this cooking method is fat free, so you can squash any arguments about unhealthy eating habits at the same time.

The hamburger patty basket is made of heavy chrome-plated, food grade wire with a 56 cm extra-long handle. The premium rounded wood on the handle keeps it cool to the touch.

Hamburger Basket: MAN V1

Man Law Hamburger Basket

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