240V/12V Motor - 13kg Capacity


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Cyprus Grill Commercial Grade Motor
13kg Capacity
(suits Cyprus /Souvla Rotisserie BBQ)

For a reliable source of power that can be used at home as well in commercial environments, this Commercial Grade Motor comes highly recommended. Ideal for use with the Cyprus Grill type of rotisseries, this grill barbecue motor can handle up to 13kgs of meat with relative ease. With an easy set-up process, you can be ready to barbecue in a very short time and have a great time doing it with a constant power supply.


- Able to spin all types of rotating mechanisms.
- Tested and proven to be capable of rotating a load of up to 13kgseel.
- Comes with a standard Australian 240V Mains Power Cord and Alligator Leads for 12V batteries.
- To use power from the mains, the motor needs to be placed onto the grill mechanism before plugging in the adaptor.
- Capable of turning at 5RPM with a 12V DC battery and at 10RPM from 240V
- Ideal for Cyprus Grill-type rotisseries as well as is powerful enough to use in commercial environments.

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