NEW Argentinian BBQ with Height Adjustable Grill - ARG-0718


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NEW Argentinian BBQ with Height Adjustable Grill - ARG-0718

The Argentinian BBQ is a commercial charcoal BBQ in stainless steel which offers the ability to adjust the cooking height using the wheel on the right. To lift the height, the wheel turns clockwise. In order to drop the height, the pin must be released. This allows you to control your cooking based on the amount of heat the charcoal is producing. The cooking area oferred is quite a large one of 135cm W x 43cm D. The stainless steel grills are made at 6mms and are heavy duty. These grills are quickly removable for easy cleaning. Inside the base are 2 black heavy duty charcoal troughs, allowing you to have the option of using half the barbecue at any given time. Imagine the taste of a butterflied suckling pig, some asado or even a large turkey. This Argentinian BBQ would be perfect for anything you want to flame grill.

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